Thoughts for each day of the year. Best preachers of Christ.

“So will I save you, and ye shall be a blessing”, promises the Lord through the prophet Zachariah (Zach, 8:13). But under what condition? Under the condition that every man will speak the truth to his neighbor, that men will righteously sort out their affairs amongst themselves, that men will not remember wrong in their hearts against their neighbor, that they will love no false oath, and will love truth and peace. If these conditions are met, says the Lord, “they shall be to Me a people, and I will be to them a God, in truth and in righteousness” (Zach, 8:8), and His blessing shall spread among them. Then all strangers shall hear and say “Let us go speedily to them to pray before the Lord, for we have heard that the Lord is with them (cf. Zach 8:21-23). “And many peoples and many nations shall come to seek earnestly the face of the Lord Almighty” (Zach 8:22)

Thus did the high moral purity of the first Christians attract people and nations to the Lord. Those who live always according to the spirit of Christ are, without the use of words, the best preachers of Christ and the most convincing apostles of Christianity.

St Theophan The Recluse.

Absurdity of women’s march

“Women do struggle with certain problems and certain forms of injustice. There’s nothing wrong with the women’s fight for their rights. This fight is not making me become caustically ironic. I also understand the folks who protest against Trump, he’s a rude and uneducated person, no doubt.

But this last march was about something else; I couldn’t escape a feeling of total surrealism

Trump can be rightly accused of being vulgar – but it’s a strange way to do so by demonstrating vulgarity far exceeding that of Trump.

That wasn’t the thing  that surprised me the most though. The march was, judging by the organizers and the participant’s posters, a pro-abortion one – and it’s the pro-abortion rhetoric that is causing such a surrealistic impression that if the marching participants would dress like reptiles and started walking on their tails, it wouldn’t make it any more grotesque.

And that’s what seems strange to me. Let’s say we agree to take away the rosary and remove theology. Let’s play according to your rules. Let’s admit that you’ve convinced me – religion is a tool of oppression and deception, there’s no God, or we can’t refer to Him in any case.

In other words, I am a highly developed primate, competing with other primates for resources and females. Intelligence and conscience are a secondary effect of millions of years of Evolution, and are not the goal. Within this paradigm Evolution as an impersonal process can’t have any goals anyhow. Setting goals is a characteristic of persons – but we already agreed to remove theology.

And all of a sudden a certain group of other primates is telling me that they have “demands”, that these “demands” are “just” and that I “have to” accept them. Primates, what are you talking about? Let’s say that it is in my best interest to be on good terms with other members of the tribe and even to become organized with other males of my species against other males. In that case it’s a different matter though. What I am being told is that I “have to”, that I have a moral obligation to behave in a certain way regardless of my interests. That this is what justice demands.

But we already agreed, that there’s no God – so where did you get the idea that I owe anything to anyone? Just because a certain group of primates from another tribe demands it from me? Well, there are many groups of primates with different demands, all of them want different things from me – so how did you arrive to the conclusion that I owe anything to you in particular.

What kind of “justice” are we talking about in a world ruled by spontaneous mutations and natural selection? What justice is there that Neanderthals became extinct? How about dinosaurs?

Biological processes (we’ll stay away from theology) cannot be “just” or “unjust”. They just happen. Someone eats while another one is eaten. Trump – in the process of accidental mutations of his forefathers – became more adjusted to a life in the city jungle, acquired more resources, got access to more attractive women. You don’t like his behavior? Well, I guess Neanderthals didn’t like when Cro-magnons were seizing their land either.

When one has certain moral demands or is shaming another one for indecent behaviour or is demanding decency – he appeals to a certain moral law, which all people should respect. In a worldview, where this law doesn’t exist, all these “we demand!”, “you have to!”, “this behavior is unworthy and scandalous!” – are nothing but a collection of nonsense sounds.

So, whenever you’re pointing to this, the discussion takes an even more absurd turn – “but it says in your Bible, that you have to love your neighbor!”

Well, we already agreed, that Bible is nothing but a collection of ancient myths used for patriarchal oppression. We removed, after insisting demands, theology far from biology. And biology, being a descriptive discipline, is not giving us any reason to treat all these “we demand, and you have to” seriously.

The demand not to mock the saints is absolutely nonsensical in a world without God – this is truly so. But it is also absolutely nonsensical to ask not to mock gay people in such a universe. No doubt, in a world without theology, moral convictions of Christians are illusory and their demands are unfounded. But in such a world the convictions and demands of liberals are just equally unfounded. Any type of statements that contain “you must” – whether they belong to religious or secular person– are completely lacking any foundation in a world where “there’s no good, nor bad, no goal, nothing but a blind and merciless indifferenece”

“The right to take away the life of a human being” is a logical absurdity. It is especially true when it comes to the “right to abortion”. It is not the right to do what you want with your own body. The body of  the child in a womb is the body of another human being. This is just a right to take away the life of an innocent human being  when it becomes inconvenient.”

Serghei Hudiev,