Poems from communist prisons. Radu Gyr.

This part of modern romanian history is mainly unknown to the general public – Aiud, Pitesti, Baia Sprie are the names that to most don’t mean anything. Nevertheless for the entire romanian nation these terrible prisons were the places where it won the spiritual warfare against the communist regime. The proof is right here, just read this poem written by Radu Gyr. But before that, maybe you would like to know something about him – the man whom Ioan Ianolide called: a mountain of suffering, dignity and disperation.

Radu Gyr is a great poet, who sang in his poetry the suffering of an entire generation. He composed thousands of poems without writing a single one of them. He memorized them. Why? Because he spent most of his adult life in prison. He did prison in 4-5 stages. Only in 1955-58 he had a window of liberty. It was a period when communist regime was enforcing itself with authority and there was one enemy left – the peasants. They were dealt with by means of collectivization .  The protest against actions of dicatorial regime was expressed in poems by Radu Gyr who was the first victim of the regime and was subsequently imprisoned for expressing his opinion. Out of 20 years he spent in prison, for 1 year he stayed with his hands and feet shackled waiting the death sentence to be executed.

Radu Gyr

This is the first poem of him that I would like to share with you:

Matanii (in christian orthodox practice matanii means prostrations)


Radu Gyr

Lord, out of humility

make a golden bridge, a high bridge,

and out of tears a covering

as upon a soft warm bed.

Out of unjust blows,

honey and wine,

out of defeat, ladders and steps,

and from falls, an alpine climb.

Out of poison in the jug

make perfumes that do not fade.

Out of each wound,

a censer, incense rising to heaven.

Out of any disaster

or of any disaster

or dusk extinguished in the breast,

O Lord, make a blue bird

and vouchsafe a smile, O So Wise.

Translated by mother Alexandra (Ileana, Princess of Romania)



Welcome to the clinic.

“Welcome to the clinic.”

This is how the invitation to the most dreadful and cruel, yet legally existing place on earth begins with. Then it goes on: “You will be treated here with understanding, sympathy, and competence”. Who would think that under such a “humanist” disguise operated the business of killing babies. Humanism wants to abolish God  and replace Him with man. Nietzsche writings are a good example of  that religion,  man being  the savior and the judge of himself.  Coming back to our clinic, would you expect anything horrible to happen in a location surrounded by such humane attitude. Heinrich Himmler had a meek character and loved animals, but hated humans. He was quite professional in what he was doing.  The morgentaler clinic website, where I am quoting these statements from, confirms that quality is their priority: “Our task is to see that your abortion is done under the best conditions possible so as to safeguard your health and allow you to have children in the future if you should so decide. ” Whether we acknowledge it or not, the existence of these places is a collective fault, a collective madness. Here again, God’s mercy is preventing to do to humans what a just God would do. By the way, Morgentaler, the founder of fast and convenient baby execution chain of clinics, received the Order of Canada. Not for defending the country against anyone. Just for being a big fan of  killing of  it’s  (future)* citizens in the womb. Of course, with mothers agreement, legally and paid from ontario public purse. Civilized world gone mad.


During first centuries of Christianity, christians were tortured and killed for refusing to worship idols. Today, idols are rarely made from stone. They are more often aetherial, invisible, wearing a mask of “equality, freedom, brotherhood, diversity, pro-choice, human rights”.  So, in the name of which idol are our children sacrificed today and to which one of them are we required to bow? How happy and prosperous does a province deserve to be, where at least 70 000 innocent unborn children are killed every year without trial?

* “Future citizens” because according to canadian criminal law unless the child is born, he’s not even considered a human being.

“Vote to protect…”

Here’s a copy of the email I received today and I urge all Ontario parents to influence the way our education is being shaped.


Vote to protect children on June 12 th



I want to thank you again for acting to protect children from inappropriate explicit sex in our schools. Your actions do make a difference.

On June 12th Ontario will decide the direction of its 2 million children. Will they be subjected to more explicit, radical sex in schools or will they be protected? Children have enough to contend with these days. They should not be forced to question their gender, dress as the opposite sex or learn how to do sex in grade 3. The decision is ours.

Here is the key on how you can help elect politicians committed to protecting children.

Less than 1% of Ontarians get directly involved in the political process volunteering. Theses people greatly influence the outcome of the vote. This year the polls show the two major parties are statistically tied. The 1% who volunteer will make the difference.

For the sake of your family’s children, your neighbor’s, friends and children you don’t even know.

Please take a few minutes this month to protect children. It is easy but important:

  1. Sign the petition. It will be sent to all the candidates regardless of their party.
  2. Call the candidates in your riding and the leaders. Ask them to pledge to protect children from explicit sex in school. Advise them that you, your family, relatives and friends will not vote for them unless they protect children. (make a link where they can find info)
  3. Visit the office of the best candidate, put up a sign and help out on election.
  4. Donate to protect children.


Dr. Charles McVety
Canada Christian College, School of Graduate Theological Studies
50 Gervais Dr
Toronto Ontario M3C 1Z3