Christ, poem by Fazil Iskander.


by Fazil Iskander

Christ had foreseen Judas’ betrayal,

But why didn’t he do a miracle for real?

While teaching the good he let the evil be played,

How can this sad inaction be explained?

But let’s imagine he’d worked his miraculous action.

And sobbing Judas had torn his denunciation?

What is then? Yes, what would have transpired after that?

That is where the liberal falsehood starts at.

Though a miracle is like an instant light

When the godly drunkenness will subside,

He will walk the world from edge to edge,

Collecting interest on non-betrayal wage.

Christ could foresee all that as in clear water.

He turned his body to the executioners for slaughter,

He understood how, vague and dim,

Was the hidden doppelganger,

Who hadn’t committed Judas’s sin.

And He decided: “No miracle will be induced –

Good to the good and Judas will be Judas”.

That is why He allowed the villainy foreseen,

He so wanted to save the world from Pharisees

Our world, still so young and trustful…

But Rome was already building the rostrums.