Finally, english version available: “The global sexual revolution” by Gabriele Kuby

Received it today in mail, tried to get the romanian version for several months without much luck and finally it’s available in English in US and Canada.


“Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels”

In the early nineteenth century, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels developed the philosophy of dialectical materialism and their utopia of a classless society. At its core, this was a battle against God, belief, and the Church. Marx and Engels had been Christians in their youth – just as Soviet strongman Joseph Stalin was even a seminarian for several semesters. They fell away from the faith and elevated themselves and their teaching to the status of an ultimate principle that drove a superhuman potential for violence, bringing bloody terror and destruction to a large portion of the earth. When Marx and Engels were devising this ideology in the mid-nineteenth century, who could have imagined that they were writing the history of humanity?

In a poem written in his youth, Karl Marx revealed his gloomy objectives:

In a prayer of despair I will build myself a throne.

Cold and huge will be its summit,

Its bulwark will be superhuman  horror,

And its marshal will be gloomy agony!

In the Manifesto of the Commuist Party of 1848, it is still there for everyone to read:

But Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion and all morality, instead of constituting them on a new basis; it therefore acts in contradiction to all past historical experience… (Communists) openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.

Marx’s private life was a wreck. His two daughters and his son-in-law committed suicide. He lived on financial assistance from Friedrich Engels and from seeking inheritances. For example, of his uncle he said: “If the dog dies now, I’ll be out of this jam.” Not only was his own family ruined, but the family as an institution was to be shattered; and for Marx, deep down, it was always a battle against God:”The secret to the Holy Family is the earthly family. To make the former disappear, the latter must be destroyed, in theory and in practice.” Marx and Engels reinterpreted the matter of women as a class issue. In his 1884work The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State,Engels wrote:”The first class antagonism appearing in history coincides with the development of the antagonism of man and wife in monogamy, and the first class oppression with that of the female by the male sex.” He saw integration of women into the production process as a necessary condition for their liberation. To Communist revolutionaries, “bourgeois morals” impeded achievement of the classless society, because it was in marriage that the first class antagonism arose.

All sexual revolutionaries in the twentieth century have their spiritual roots in Marxism. It didn’t bother leftist intellectuals a bit that those executing this ideology subjugated entire peoples through State terror and slaughtered countless millions who stood in the way of their “Utopia.” Apparently not every ideology is discredited by the mass murder it brings”

Martyr and Victor, Fr Gheorghe Calciu. 1

*martyr, in greek μάρτυς – witness

Ioan Ianolide wrote this book as a witness, as one who was forced to watch others being tortured and being tortured  himself. He was the one who witnessed the spiritual evolution of Fr Gheorghe Calciu:

“In prison he entered the marxist “reeducation” round. The outcomes were as expected, but from a larger perspective they overturned all expectations: due to the endured physical and spiritual tortures, due to his intelligence with which he perceived the world, due to his inner force, Gheorghe Calciu, after his release, completed Theological training and became a priest. It is a spiritual process much more tragic than that of Apostle Paul, who participated at the murder of the first Christian martyr, Saint Stephan. His case is not unique, but even if it would be, it would suffice to annul and discredit for good the principles of materialistic atheism

We know the spiritual evolution of this man, as well as his overwhelming sufferings and we humbly kiss the wounds of his soul and body, because this man went through hell, he was tortured by satan, he confronted antichrist – because all the evil forces were personified at Pitesti in men and led to tragical events

Apart from the bestial acts in prison, one needs to understand the diabolical spirit that organized the “reeducation”. Unending and absolute tortures that were inflicted upon the prisoners were the visible side of this spirit. Satanic spirit was visible on men’s faces. The environment was loaded with satanic powers which emanated through acts, gestures or words, being visible as a cold, frightening, evil, full of hatred and darkness manifestation

There, men behaved like demons, like insane, like hallucinating. There God was removed from man and replaced with satan, there the very essence of human nature was mutilated and overturned. The mind of these people was first disturbed, then terrified through tortures and overturned by desperation – because there was no exit and no end, everything being dominated by the triumph of international proletariat. There spiritual sufferings became materialized, mental gloom could be touched, horror was infinite. In these circumstances the orders for conscience conditioning were commanded”


Return to Christ

Quotes from “Return to Christ” by Ioan Ianolide, chapter “Nativity after release from prison” 1981 – about the situation in Romania in 1981.

“Bucharest changed its architectural style, but most notably changed its festive spirit. During this Nativity all the nation is at work. The youth is engaged in atheist or entertainment events to keep the thoughts away from the feast” 

Compare this to shopping/entertainment trend during Christmas season and the similarities between capitalism and communism are obvious. They have one common enemy – Christ. Even the name Christ has to be removed, let’s leave just one thing: a vague memory of a holiday which can be smartly used to increase the profits of Judas.

“It is a mistake to believe that capitalist materialism will eliminate the marxist communism. The opposite is true. Secularism of western states is the father of the socialist state atheism. Free education in the West gave birth to the atheist-materialist education in the East. Libertinage, which became cheeky both in the West and in the East, is preparing the common ground for the same lifestyle. The law of abortion – an overt deviation from the law of Moses: “thou shalt not kill!” – will lead to euthanasia, then to spartan killing and , in the end, to scientific, programmed homicide according to human reasoning. It is bizarre to notice a similar language  and common ideas in these two ideological camps of our days”

There’s a romanian proverb “No sword cuts off a bowed head” and Ioan Ianolide comments that it’s useless to bow the head in front of marxists:

“Today we are forced by atheist marxists not to bow our head, but to pervert ourselves. It’s disgusting”

“The family itself is practically dissolved by the principle of “free love” and by the principle that declares children belonging to the “nation” – and rightfully so, because the influence of the communist party on them is considerable, while parents have  no time, nor the right to educate children properly.

Family, reduced only to the economical aspect, lost its spiritual, moral and social role it once had. Warm relationships of trust and mutual help between relatives vanished. Even if there’s a trace of family left, it is denied the authority and independence, having at its basis only temporal socio-economical principles of the communist society. Gradually the family will disappear and the nation will become one uniform mass”

Atheist marxists (descendants and acolytes of Ana and Caiapha) are the most satanic humanity-haters and are perverting us these days by sodomite, immoral, criminal, contraceptive and abortion propaganda, by making sure that media, the film-makers, music-makers are offering an abundance of violent and/or lustful music, videos and images, by discrediting all that is holy, patriotic, normal. The goal is to make the man worse than a beast, to create an imbecile driven by most lowly instincts. Western schools are gradually being transformed in Pitesti-style re-education camps following a program adapted for Westerners. “In the name of freedom, love, respect and democracy”

“The church is tolerated like a relic, but there’s no tolerance for the spiritual mission, neither for the social or cultural one.” – same process is happening in the west, where talking about Christ in the public is labelled “proselytizing”.

No wonder so much hate is directed against Russia, where the church doesn’t accept to be treated as a relic and which although not immune to it, but is resisting this large, planetary scale reeducation. What holds back this evil: The Orthodox Church, the only fortress where poor souls longing for light can hide, the Ark that still keeps the doors open, but the black waters are already approaching and only God knows how much time is left before the angel of the Lord will close it shut.

So, if not bowing the head, what options do I have? I think there are 2 roads: the road to Golgotha or the road to Caiaphas. Our crosses are ready, the nails are sharpened, the crowd is in full training mode and when signaled will shout with one voice: Crucify them!, while believing that they are “offering a service to God”. How can one endure these spiritual and physical torments? “The things impossible with men are possible with God.” and “help my unbelief”

“If the Christians from the free world are not able to overcome the communist force that is besieging the world, then this world is a paralytic and deserves its slavery. Bolshevic revolution cannot be stopped by giving in, the war cannot cease by a  unilateral peace. A power needs to be conquered by power. Peace without freedom, without justice, without God, is an utmost form of slavery. Freedom has no weapons, nor tools of defense, so it has to be defended by all the weapons it is attacked with.

In Poland, truth, which in other countries was revealed sporadically and fragmentarily, was revealed on a national scale. People in the socialist camp know that they have to choose between the air of Targu-Ocna (prison for dying) and of Pitesti(reeducation through torture lab), between Iacunin, Calciu, Saharov, Orlov on one side and Brejnev, Ceausescu or Kadar on the other side, between water and fire, between light and darkness, between good and evil, between God and satan, between Christ and antichrist – without compromise, without hesitation, without delay”

“And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.” John 1:5