“Make merry and rejoice during these days with fear.”

St Theophan the Recluse (1815-1891)

“Enlightened Europe is still attracting us. Yes, the abominations of paganism that were almost completely cast out of the world were first restored there; they have now come from there to us. Having breathed in that hellish poison, we run around like madmen, forgetting our own selves. But let us remember the year of 1812 – why did the French come to us then? God sent them to wipe out all the evil that we had imitated from them. Russia repented then, and God had mercy on her. But now it seems that we have forgotten that lesson. If we come to our senses, of course, nothing will happen. But if we do not come to our senses, who knows? Perhaps the Lord will again send similar teachers, so that they would bring us to our senses and place us on the path of correction. Such is the law of God’s righteousness: to cure someone from sin with the thing that enticed him into it. These are not empty words, but a matter that has been confirmed by the voice of the Church. Know, ye Orthodox, that God is not mocked. And knowing this, make merry and rejoice during these says with fear. Illumine the bright Feast with bright deeds, occupations, and festivities, so that all who look upon us would say, “They have holy days – not the kind of amusements practiced by impious and profligates who don’t know God”

Reeducation continues

Our martyrs warned us that the reeducation will not be limited to prison, prison being just a testing lab.

“There’s a striking resemblance between what was taking place during “reeducation” in Pitesti prison and what takes place in Romania these days, when a “reeducation” of a whole nation is attempted by occult forces. Blasphemies organized at that time by Turcanu (head of Pitesti reeducation group of torturers) are offered today for the delight of the public, or even worse, as a cultural phenomenon on theatre stage (e.g. blasphemous theatre play “The Evangelists”, by Alina Mungiu-Pippidi) or in best-sellers like “The Da Vinci Code” and recommended to romanian public as “means of emancipation” from “christian fundamentalism” in which they fell after 1989. In Pitesti prison these blasphemies were executed by the imprisoned after unimaginable tortures, while today they are promoted of the own accord by the reeducated “intellectuals” of “democratic” society, locked down in the vast prison of new world order.”

From the book “Returning to Christ, a document for a new world.” by Ioan Ianolide.

Last confession

“Please forgive me! I made a mistake. I didn’t believe it can get that far. Never flirt with satan. I am dying like a scurvy without any hope. If you can, please forgive me! No one, ever should accept even the slightest compromise with satan. I am the victim of my own mistakes. I am warning people not to do what I did” – these were the words of Bogdanovici in his last days of his life, when he was dying from systematic tortures in Pitesti prison. He accepted to be the head of reeducation, but then fell in disgrace and ended up as a victim of it.