Orthodox social order vs Emerging social order

Under Roman Empire, under Communist Empire, under Pope Empire, under the emerging New Empire, orthodox Christians were, are, and most surely will be often regarded as criminals against social order.

We don’t offer sacrifice to idols, we don’t renounce Christ and we do not embrace materialism, we do not consider Pope who he claims to be, we are not accepting the “laws of toleration” produced in the labs of emerging ideological mutants.

This is called real history with real wounds:

Documents in the United Nations Archives in New York and the Yugoslav National Archives in Belgrade record how under Stepinac the Roman Catholic Church forcibly converted about one million Orthodox Serbs to her evil system and set up concentration camps where her ecclesiastics, including priests and monks, coolly tortured and executed a quarter of a million non-Roman Catholics who refused to bow the knee to her jackboot. Several were herded into their churches and burned alive, hung by the neck, disembowelled or stabbed to death, like Protestants in Ireland under Phelim O’Neill in 1641 and during the 1798 Rebellion.”

May God help us stay firm in our faith and confess it with boldness to any modern “tyrant” who wants us either by intimidation or corruption to become traitors of the One we love and the One we believe in.

Prayer vs Nuclear bomb

prayernuclear missile

I think that even in this situation, when every day we’re witnessing new and every more cruel acts of sadism and disrespect for human life that only Hollywood film-makers can compete with, when a certain large group of people believe, based on their sacred texts, that slaughtering other people is an act of good faith, our prayer life needs to intensify. Both the persecuted and those who persecute need our prayers. We need to pray that the persecuted will remain strong in their faith and we need to pray for illumination of those, who became tools of Satan. Satan is trying to make each one of us his tools too, by becoming hateful, wishing to revenge, send a nuke and erase from the face of earth that insane state of religious insanity. We need to pray for ourselves too, and ask God to help us keep and protect the tiny flame of love that is barely alive in us. It’s up to us to try and and protect that inner place in our heart that darkness should never encompass. Pray for me my brother and sisters in Christ.