Gender dictatorship

“Turning science into ideology”

What “Dialectical Materialism” once was to universities under Communist dictatorships, gender ideology is today to Western universities where the next generation of academics is being prepared to take leading positions in society.


Dr Michael Bock, professor of criminology at the University of Mainz, was formally reprimanded by his employer in February 2007 for a critical article on gender mainstreaming and feminism. He was threatened with disciplinary and criminal consequences if it was ever published. What he wasn’t allowed to say was this:


Gender mainstreaming differs from traditional feminist politics in that the gender aspect is to penetrate all policies in all individual actions… The claim to put a society “on track” in this way through a comprehensive, uniform formal principle of politics is known to us from the totalitarian regimes of the 20th century. It involves bringing not only the entire apparatus of state, but also associations, organizations and other social groups effectively on board with the policy of renewal. The total will to subordinate the entire social reality to a uniform principle or to penetrate it with this principle is the reason these regimes are called “totalitarian”. It indicates the extreme opposite of a liberal concept of the state, according to which people can unfold freely in their social existence up to the limits by which the state guarantees the freedom of other individuals.

Excerpt from “The Global Sexual Revolution” which became available in english recently and can be purchased on amazon.