Petre Tutea on stalinist re-education in Romania


“The decisive battles at the end of this millenium were not those fought on the battlefield. The human heart is the Armageddon of this aeon, and there too the final battle will take place. What is at stake in this confrontation is the divine spark within the human heart. This is where, until the end of time, the powers bent on fragmenting and enslaving the soul confront the heavenly powers which protect it in its struggle for perfection and freedom. This battle was fought in us throughout the years of imprisonment in the Soviet Gulag and thereafter in Romania. It was a battle for our souls, which our captors wanted to destroy and replace with a subhuman product: “the new man”, an automaton that would function in a world from which moral values had been eliminated.

The desperate effort to preserve our ontological identity, the image and likeness in which God made us, gave shape and substance to our resistance to these infernal forces bent on annexing our inner freedom… It was there that human dignity and even human holiness were revealed to us in all their transfiguring power… This is what we “confess”, this desperate and tragic battle to remain human beings to the very end”

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