The “Reeducation experiment” at Pitesti. The four steps.

You will find in the text reproduced below from the book “Father George Calciu. Interviews, Homilies, and Talks” so many striking similarities with the cultural and religious processes that are taking or already took place in the West in a different format: sexual revolution. Presley, Woodstock, LCD, pacifism, mocking patriotism and virginity – all had the same goal, to create a gap between generations, to substitute the Christian values with the new freedom – freedom from God. Methods used in the West were and are a bit more subtle than in Russia and Romania, but the result is the same – materialism, pseudo-religiosity, subhumanism. How are people being gradually transformed into skilled torturers and immoral perverts in the West? Well, how many horror movies does an average “civilized” man watches in a year where people are sadistically dismembered and tortured? All that while enjoying a drink of pop and that butter-flavoured popcorn. How many hours an average “civilized” young man spends daily in a virtual game reality (still a reality) killing, beating or torturing other virtual humans (still humans) while experience of mercy and love is not virtually, but quite realistically completely missing in his real life? How many hours of pornographic video material and obscene, degrading music does an average “civilized” man consume? If we do a ratio: talk about food and next/past vacation destination vs spiritual topics – how much would that be for an average “civilized” man? 1000:1? Too optimistic? Well, I guess the logic is: if you tell people that a certain carbonated beverage that is absolutely toxic for your health is cool to drink and you do this every day several times a day, people will start loving it. So, why don’t we use the same strategy – let’s just advertise cruelty, greediness and lust everywhere we can through music, movies and books/journals and people will start loving it. Or at least, will accept it as the new norm.

Interview with Mother Nina

Fr George Calciu:

“Communism wanted to make a gap between generations. The most dangerous category for them was the students, the young people. We had inherited a Christian education, family values, and basic Christian principles. The older generation was a generation that had to die, but this generation had to be transformed. So they tried this experiment in a very concentrated medium. They wanted to break the people, the whole country. Romania was not a primitive country. We are a Latin nation, not a Slavic one. We believed in Christian values. Therefore, they wanted to do this experiment with the young people, to create a gap between the children and the older generation, and make this generation of students a Communist one. They wanted to build a new world – a Communist world, a new man – the Communist man, and so on. So they arrested the young people – the students – and put them in a special prison, in Pitesti, fro this very experiment. But you have to understand that it was not just a fight between two political principles. It was a fight between God and the devil.

They took very distinct steps. The first step was to destroy the personality of the youth. For example, the guards would come, together with a group of young prisoners who had converted to Communism, into a cell where there were perhaps twenty young students, and would try to intimidate them. They would beat them without mercy. They could even kill somebody. Generally, they would kill one of them – the one who opposed them the most; the most important one. Generally, he was a leader. They would beat him and even kill him. Thus, the terror began.

After that, they began to “unmask”

– What does that mean?

They wanted to force you to say, “I lied when I said, “I believe in God”. I lied when I said, “I love my mother and my father”. I lied when I said “I love my contry”. So everyone was to deny every principle, every feeling he had. That is what it means to be “unmasked”. It was done in order to prove that we were the products of the bourgeois, and the bourgeois are liars. We lie when we say we are virgin, we are Christian, and when we try to preserve our bodies pure for marriage.

– They were against that?

Sure. They tried to say that I was a prostitute, a young man who had connections with all the girls. We would be tortured until we denied everything we believed before. So, that is what it means to be “unmasked”. It was done in order to prove that Christian principles were not principles, that we lied when we said we loved Jesus Christ, we loved God, mother, father, and so on. It was to show that I lied when I said that I was a chaste man, when I held an ideal of nation and family. Everything had to be destroyed in our souls! This is the second step.

After this came a declaration against everybody who was in touch with us, everybody who believed as we believed. I was to make a declaration against everybody who knew about my organization or my actions, to denounce everybody – even father, mother, sister. We were to sever completely any Christian connection and moral principle.

The final step was to affirm that we had given up all the principles of our Faith and any connection we had with it. With this we began to be “the new man”, “the Communist man”, ready to torture, to embrace Communism, to denounce everybody, ready to give information, and ready to blaspheme against God. This is the most difficult part, for under terror and torture one can say, “yes, yes, yes” But now, to have to act? It was very difficult.

It was during this third part that the majority of us tried to kill ourselves.

 – That is when you tried to commit suicide?

Yes, this was the most difficult part. Thus was a new category of man built by Communism. And we were forced to go with some of our own former torturers into another cell and to start doing the same thing. It was very difficult. It was a very devilish directive.

– How long did you pass through this?

One year.

So there were four steps: the installation of terror, the unmasking, the denouncement of other people, and, afterwards, the changing of our souls. These four steps were strictly thought out and planned. It could not be only images in the mind. They had had long experience of this in Russia and were now bringing this experience to Romania.

– I do not know if you want to go into this. But did they do different kinds of tortures? I remember someone saying that they were extremely humiliating tortures.

There was no torture, moral or physical, that was not used. “


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